Vikings - AFO 2015


Terry Gunnell: Vikings - Wrath of the Northmen

Fri 17. 4. | Kino Metropol | 4PM

When looking at battle scenes of Viking conquerors accompanied not by grandiose brass and string music, but rather by geese honking, one cannot help thinking that the approach of the Vikings TV series’ producers is rather unusual. Do you want to see what the everyday life of Vikings and their mystical rituals really looked like? Do you want to feel the rough battle atmosphere and intrigues against one’s bloodline? The producers knew that the main character Ragnar Lothbrok was a real historical person, and together with a team of consultants they created a world that is closer to the true reality than anything you have ever seen on your screens; including the art of seafaring, negotiations, or the portrayal of the slave trade. The story follows ambitious Ragnar and his family, as well as ordinary villagers, on their journey for fame but also towards doom. The film will be screened together with the episode Vikings: Dispossessed and after the projection there will be a discussion with experts.

Terry Gunnell: The Vikings of the Icelandic Sagas

Sat 18. 4. | Film hall | 5PM

The image of the Viking warrior in pop culture is built on a series of fixed attributes: blond hair, horned helmet, a ship with a dragon figurehead, a bloodthirsty nature and the worshipping of gods such as Thor and Odin. But to what extent does this image correspond to reality, and to what extent does it differ from contemporary sources, such as the Edda sagas? This lecture will not only contribute to the debate about the accuracy of the image mentioned above, but professor Terry Gunnell will introduce the Icelandic myths as they were once passed down from genera- tion to generation. He will further clarify the reasons that led the Vikings to the adoption of “the white god”, and will explain that the culture famous for its martial arts forged their swords into ploughshares long before that. Viking ideas about the beginning and the demise of the world, about the cosmos, ancestors and gods, and also about the role of women in society – are all sub- topics that the lecture explores.

Terry Gunnell: Vikings - Sacrifice

Sobota 18. 4. | Film hall | 9PM

The final episode of The Vikings series produced by the History Channel is the highlight of the first series epic docudrama, as well as a summary of the program line related to the Nordic cultures. Together with the projection, the collective discussion of experts and co-creator of the series music, Einar Selvik, the frontman of the musical group Wardruna, which also performs at the festival, will take place. Sacrifice, the theme of the episode, is an ideal take-off point for questions directed to Marie Novotna from Charles University in Prague, who has long been dedicated to the topic of spirituality and religion of the Nordic nations. Insights  of both academics from the University of Iceland, Terry Gunnell and Arngrimur Vidalin, will undoubtedly be equally beneficial. The story of Rangar and his relatives culminates to the moment of the sacred celebrations in Uppsala, during which mass sacrifices to the gods and prayers to earn their patronage take place every ninth year. Naturalistic aspect of the film is balanced by its captivating atmosphere.

History Between Media and Audiences

The main publication of the project, entitled Where Is History Today? New Ways of Representing the Past, is now finally available for download here! The book draws on postmodern impulses as well as contemporary approaches to historiography, and tests them in the Central European context, to bring new insights into the relation between history, media and audiences. Edited carefully by Ian Christie and Marcel Arbeit, the monograph links researchers across humanities from both Palacký University and worldwide (Laura Mulvey, Roger Odin and others). 

Expelled to Paradise - download it now!
Re-presenting the past by Frank Ankersmit

Gianmaria Givanni: A Portrait of Black London

Sun 19. 4. | Divadelní sál | 10:30

Lucie Česálková: History of Czech Science Documentary Films

Wednesday | April 17 | 11AM | film hall - Konvikt

Vikings - AFO 2015

Reconstructing history in modern computer games - AFO 2015

Jeffrey Geiger: Pacific Fantasy in Hollywood and Amateur Film (AFO 2015)

Re-interpretation of the history

Lorenz Engell: 20th Century in the Rhythm of Television

Ian Christie: Whose history is it anyway?

The summer semester is just about to start and it is our pleasure to invite you to a varied, well-founded and thought-provoking series of lectures and workshops taking place in the scope of the Re-presenting the Past project. The opening will belong to the main mentor of the project, prof. Ian Christie, whose talks on hidden, controversial and often ignored histories will take place on February 25 and 26. The summer semester is just about to start and it is our pleasure to invite you to a varied, well-founded and thought-provoking series of lectures and workshops taking place in the scope of the Re-presenting the Past project. The opening will belong to the main mentor of the project, prof. Ian Christie, whose talks on hidden, controversial and often ignored histories will take place on February 25 and 26. 

Curator Bruno Marchand for Festival of Film Animation Olomouc 2014

Bruno Marchand, a theorist and curator based in Lisboa, Portugal, will present a special selection of films by João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva. Their work is rooted in two basic traditions of early cinema – on one hand there is the documentary character of brothers Lumière with their unassuming acceptance of everyday reality, on the other hand, the tradition of magic ascribed to Georges Méliès, the father of special effects and the founder of sci-fi and fantasy films. During the two presentations, more than 20 films will be shown, selected especially for this occasion by the artists themselves.

Janet McCabe at Screen Industries conference


27-29 November 2014, Palacký University, Olomouc, Czech Republic

Ian Christie: Visuality and War
Roman Empire (not only) on the Film Screen by Maria Wyke

Between November 5 and November 7, Maria Wyke, a prominent classicist from University College London, will deliver a series of lectures focused on the fascination of film by ancient Rome, as well as an astonishing analogy between US imperial politits of George W. Bush, and the figure of Caesar. Her Wednesday and Friday talks at the Art Centre of the Palacky University - Konvikt, will be topped by a unique screening of silent shorts depicting life in ancient Rome, with live piano accompaniment, which will take place on Thursday, November 6, in the spectacular setting of the baroque Corpus Christi Chapel.

Peter Lyth on the History of Transport and National Identity

On Wednesday October 22, and Friday October 24, historian Petr Lyth (University of Nottingham) will give two talks on the historiography of transport and its role in nation-building. They will be accompanied by a screening of the last Alfred Hitchcock´s British film The Lady Vanishes (1938) on Thursday October 23.

Ian Christie Launching a New Series of Lectures on October 1

On Wednesday, October 1 Ian Christie will start the fall series of lectures within the Re-presenting the Past project, focusing on how new data sources change our perception of history.



Robert Rosenstone back in Olomouc on May, 12th

Provocative historian Robert Rosenstone back in Olomouc with his lecture "What Does the Historian Filmmaker Do (to History)? on Monday May, 12th.

Lecture on melodrama by Petra Hanakova in May 7th

On Wednesday, May 7th, Petra Hanakova, professor of film studies at Charles University in Prague will held lecture on melodrama as a challenge for film studies.

Natalie Lemann lecture on 30th April

In her lecture Natalie Lemann from Institute of Contemporary Culture in Lodz focuses on film history as spectacle in television and film in Poland.

Museum Instalation of Art & Wunder kabinett - lectures of M. Winzeler

April 9th and 10th, 2014 Dr. Marius Winzeler will held two lectures on Museum instalation of Art and Wunder kabinett tradition.

Spring lectures of prof. Christie

Next lectures of prof. Ian Christie on visual history and material culture will take place on 26th and 28th of March in Olomouc.

Conference programme in pdf
Conference gallery

Explore the gallery from the conference Uses, Abuses and Inventions: Where is History Today? actually taking place in Olomouc.

Where Is History Today?

On March 13 to 15, the project hosts its first international conference Uses, Abuses and Inventions: Where Is History Today? The conference speakers include Laura Mulvey, Roger Odin and Daniel Pick.

Robin Nicholson (UK) and Lectures on Architecture

On February 19 and 21, the first lectures of 2014 will be held, this time in the field of architecture and urbanism. Our guest is Robin Nicholson of London-based Cullinan Studio.

Ernest Edmonds: Projection and Lecture at PAF

On Friday, December 6, a lecture and projection by artist, theorist and university professor Ernest Edmonds will be held at the Festival of Film Animation Olomouc.

Stephen Bann’s Lectures on Photography on November 27

On Wednesday, November 27, Professor Stephen Bann of the University of Bristol will lecture on the principles of the photographic image. The first lecture starts at 8 am. Stephen Bann is the Emeritus Professor of History of Art at the University of Bristol. He was made a Fellow of the British Academy in 1998.

Ian Christie and Lectures on Visions of the End (November 6, 8)

The November series of lectures by Prof. Ian Christie (Birkbeck College, University of London) will deal with visions of the end and the apocalypse as well as with visions of the future predicted after World War 2. The lectures will be held on November 6 and 8 in the Art Centre of Palacký University.

Two Lectures on Historicism on Friday, October 25

On Friday, October 25, two lectures by prominent Czech historians, Doc. PhDr. Ivan Klimeš and PhDr. Jiří Rak, Ph.D., dealing with historicism in the context of cinema, will be held within the lecture series. They represent two of the few lectures of Czech academic experts held within the project.

First Fall Lectures: Robert Burgoyne (October 2–4)

On October 2, at 3 pm, the fall series of Re-Presenting the Past lectures will be launched by Professor Robert Burgoyne who will discuss embodiment in Kathryn Bigelow’s films.

April Lectures: Peter Kramer and Prof. Josef Vojvodík

In April, the lecture series presents external lecturers Peter Kramer and Professor Josef Vojvodík. On Friday, April 5, Peter Kramer will give a lecture on the relation of archives and (not only) film history illustrated by the example of the archive of Stanley Kubrick. On Tuesday, April 9, Professor Josef Vojvodík will lecture on affect in the reception theory in art.

Ian Christie's Lecture on Friday, March 15

On Friday, March 15, at 10 am, Ian Christie will give another of his lectures called “Do You See What I See? Case Studies in Reading Images Historically”. The lecture will be held in the Theatre Hall of the Art Centre of Palacký University (Konvikt).


Jerome de Groot: Lecture on Historical Narratives

On Wednesday, March 13, at 5 pm, Prof. Jerome de Groot will give a unique lecture on historical narratives illustrated by the example of Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained (2012). The lecture will be held in the Auditorium Maximum of the Art Centre of Palacký University (Konvikt).


Ian Christie’s Lectures in February and March 2013

Another series of lectures by international expert Ian Christie will be held on February 22 and 27, 2013 in the Theatre Hall at the Art Centre of Palacký University. This time, the lectures will focus on the change of history and historiography with the arrival of modernity as well as on the past reflected by epic films of the 1910s. On Friday, March 1, a thematic lecture dealing with the characteristics of film audiences in the early 20th century will follow.


FRIDAY, February 22, 2013 | 10 am – 12 pm

“On or about December 1910, Human Character Changed.” How Did Modernity Change History?

WEDNESDAY, February 27, 2013 | 1 – 3 pm

Representing the Nation: Cinema Projects ‘Big History’ in the 1910s

FRIDAY, March 1, 2013 | 10 am – 12 pm

Being an Audience in the Early 20th Century


November Lectures of Prof. Ian Christie

Another lecture series will be held on November 2 and 7 in the Art Centre of Palacký University (Konvikt).

The First Series of Lectures by Prof. Ian Christie

The first series of lectures by Prof. Ian Christie will be held on October 24 and 26, 2012 in the Art Centre of Palacký University (Konvikt).